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Please read this agreement!

This Managed Server Monitoring and Backup Agreement is made by and between Digital Dental Solutions, Inc. (“Company”) and the purchaser of DDS Defense (“Client”).

The purpose of this Agreement is to set forth a contract arrangement under which the Company will provide offsite data backup and storage services on behalf of Client. By subscribing to our DDS Defense Backup Solution, Client agrees to the terms of this agreement.

In consideration of the mutual covenants set forth in this Agreement, Company and Client hereby agree as follows:

Company Responsibility:

  • Custom offsite and local data backup and storage solution.
  • Secure location for data storage and be responsible to verify successful daily backup to an off-site location.
  • Same day response (24 hours) remote data recovery (Cloud data retrieval times vary due to Client Internet connection speed.)
  • Company assumes no liability for any lost business that might occur during evaluation or repair of data loss.
  • Backups will be monitored daily, and problems addressed without interfering with client use of system.
  • Server drives monitored for health(watching for failed drives and replacing, service and hardware charge applies).
  • Windows event log monitored. Windows updates installed periodically.
  • On-site service at no charge to client should connectivity issues arise as a result of this server monitoring and backup solution.
  • Company accepts no responsibility for Practice Management or Digital X-ray programs that prevent successful backups, such as failed database exports.
  • Company NOT responsible for corruption of data or electronic failure that leads to server malfunction or data loss.

Client Responsibility:

  • Client agrees to connect a BDR Computer, supplied by Company, to their network for proper setup of data backup.
  • Client agrees to secure the supplied BDR Computer in a locked room, cabinet, or rack, per HIPAA requirements.
  • Onsite Internet connectivity for backup to be successful.
  • Onsite computer errors that would prevent successful data backup to offsite location.

All onsite and remote service to Client not outlined above will be billed at the regular hourly fee of $150.00